80mm female to female Adaptor

Female to female matt black vitreous enamel 1 .2mm thick , 80mm diameter suitable for ues with wood pellet stoves. Adaptor. Certified with Gasget : CE / EN 1856-2 – T250*-P1-WV2-L80100-O100


Product Details

This adaptor is designed to fit over the appliance spigot and connect to the 1 .2mm pellet stove product. This is a range of flue pipes specially designed for pellet stoves which require a very high pressure class (P1) as they have a fan in the combustion circuit. Such a class can only be achieved with the use of gaskets. These pipes have the same constructive characteristics as the1.2 mm pipes: laser-welding ensures these carbon steel pipes perfect welding. Subsequent internal/external vitreous enamel coating baked to 850?C provides exceptional resistance against corrosion by combustion condensate. Total thickness (steel plus enamel coating) is 1.2 mm.
They are perfectly resistant even to extreme situations such as soot-fire (a fire that occurs inside the pipe) without being damaged or modified; obviously, if a soot-fire should occur, the gaskets must be checked for signs of deterioration andchanged if necessary.

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