80mm x 90 Degree Tee and Tee Cap with Drain

90 Degree Tee and Tee Cap with Drain, matt black vitreous enamel flue pipe1.2mm thick , 80mm diameter suitable for ues with wood pellet stoves. Certified with Gasget : CE / EN 1856-2 – T250*-P1-WV2-L80100-O100


Product Details

A 90° Tee is used at the bottom of a flue run and allows the flue system to be easily cleaned. .The Tee Cap wit.h Drain facilitates the drainage of condensate from the system. This is a range of flue pipes specially designed for pellet stoves which require a very high pressure class (P1) as they have a fan in the combustion circuit. Such a class can only be achieved with the use of gaskets. These pipes have the same constructive characteristics as the1.2 mm pipes: laser-welding ensures these carbon steel pipes perfect welding. Subsequent internal/external vitreous enamel coating baked to 850°C provides exceptional resistance against corrosion by combustion condensate. Total thickness (steel plus enamel coating) is 1.2 mm.
They are perfectly resistant even to extreme situations such as soot-fire (a fire that occurs inside the pipe) without being damaged or modified; obviously, if a soot-fire should occur, the gaskets must be checked for signs of deterioration andchanged if necessary.

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