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Flexi Pellet Stoves

What kind of stove is for you?

FLEXI combines CONVECTION, AIR and FLOW technologies for a complete, flexible and fully customisable heating solution: a truly intelligent fire that can adapt based on individual preferences. All of this is made possible by integrating three Ravelli systems in one stove:

a) CONVECTION, Silent Comfort: natural convection mode without use of fans

b) AIR, Immediate performance: ventilated mode with activation of front diffuser

c) FLOW, Distributed heat: ducted mode with rear fan activated to heat a second room through ducting.

~ Always with you: FLEXI communicates with you all the time, with its integrated Wi-Fi.

~ A question of style: FLEXI follows the latest interior design trends offering different combinations of finishes and aesthetics

~ EASY maintenance: FLEXI is equipped with an exclusive Ravelli patented micro-cast self-cleaning brazier to ensure constant automatic cleaning, lower emissions and higher efficiency

~ Ssshh… heating in progress! FLEXI has exclusive ZEN TECHNOLOGY, using brushless gear motor performance with natural convection to ensure uniform temperature heat distribution and healthier and cleaner air circulation.

Flexi 7 

3.4 – 7.4 kW

Flexi 9 

3.4 – 9.1 kW

Flexi 11 

4.0 – 11.1 kW

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