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Ducted Pellet Stoves

The perfect flow of heat, always and everywhere

Imagine a single, perfect flow of heat in every room of the house. The Flow system replaces or supplements your existing central heating system, enabling you to control the flow of heat between the different rooms.

The Flow system offers maximum flexibility:

  • distribution of heat, the flow technology enables you to heat multiple rooms even on different floors.
  • regulation, through the independent management of temperature and ventilation in each room.

RC 70 

3.6 – 8.1 kW

SC 90 

 3.5 – 9.3 kW

Olivia Steel 

 3.4 – 9.4 kW

Sphere C 

 5.3 – 12.1  kW

RC 120 Touch 

 4.2 – 12.4 kW

Vittoria C 

 4.2 – 12.4 kW

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