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About Us

Pellet Stoves are our passion. Since 2005 we have been gaining the knowledge and experience that is necessary to provide you with the highest level of service.

Nothing beats the comfort and atmosphere of a fire. We can all relate to  coming into a lovely warm home and letting the golden glow of the fire warm the backs of the legs.

If “no mess, no fuss, just great heat” appeals and fits your lifestyle, then a stylish pellet stove is the answer.

Wood pellet stoves are an excellent alternative to more traditional solid fuel stoves, being economical to run, easy to use and environmentally friendly. That’s why here at we are delighted to offer our customers an excellent selection of Ravelli pellet stoves.

The Italians are renowned for design. Based in Italy, Ravelli is one of Europe’s leaders in the production of wood pellet stoves. They have partnered with the University of Brescia to develop some of the most advanced technology available for pellet stoves including self-cleaning burners, silent  operation and high efficiencies. Using quality components to provide customers with complete satisfaction and peace of mind, every phase of manufacturing is performed on site, to guarantee constant quality control.

So choose a Ravelli stove from to bring comfort and warmth to your home.

Our Directors

Directors Gilbert McCormack and Pat Murphy have a mission to increase your home comfort and reduce your heating bills, while looking after the environment. Imagine saving money on your bills but staying beautifully warm, happy in the knowledge that this is coming from renewable and sustainable energy products.

You can trust to offer professional and practical advice on the reduction of energy consumption and associated costs in your home. This is achieved through a combination of energy efficiency measures and the installation of the very best in renewable technologies.

Why choose a Ravelli stove from Pellet Stoves

Here at we believe in innovation and research into a multitude of solutions to improve quality of life in a real and tangible way. We achieve this through our products, which are designed to meet your every need, implementing new functions to provide convenient, personalised and effortless heating solutions. We believe that technology and aesthetics are the most important elements between form and function, appearance and practicality, home décor and warmth.

This is what we mean by a smart fire.

Would you like a warmer home?

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