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Tonwerk T_EYE Log Storage Stove


Technical Data:
Wood consumption for a burning
time of 60 – 90 minutes                                        3 kg
• Heating time                                                      >6h
• Fuel efficiency                                                    85%
• Total efficiency                                                   80%
• Heat storage capacity                                          65%
• Weight                                                  approx 200kg
• Flue connection                                                on top
• External air connection (accessory)               integrated 
• Flue draught                                               min. 10 Pa
• Air volume per burning session at
  20 ° room temperature                              approx. 30m
• VKF No.                                                          
VHe No.                                                           
• DIN No.                                              18 891/15a B-VG

• Nominal thermal output (DIN) and heating capacity are purely test values. Typical heat output is as shown on the output capacity graph. Nominal thermal output (DIN) 5 kW; heating capacity 1–5 kW
• Room heating capacity at 0 °C outside temperature, depending on construction materials (with continuous firing): conventional 120m3, minimum energy/low-energy construction 180

      T-One Stone log stove 


“The T-EYE just grabbed me as soon as I saw it. Great looks, smart functions – nothing else comes even remotely close.”

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Tonwerk Interactive T-Eye Installation Manual    600Kb
Dimnsional Drawing 130Kb

 Large Image 450Kb