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Tonwerk Log Stands  

The straight lines of these wood storage units are aperfect match not only for the Tonwerk Storage Stoves but also for any modern stove. The bases are made from the same materials as the stone cladding used for the heaters. Each unit includes a handy drawer for everything you need to light your stove. The sides are made of either glass or steel and will keep your logs beautifully tidy.


Glass wood storage unit: H 142 cm  W 32 cm  D 37 cm
Steel wood storage unit: H 100–160 cm W 32 cm D 36 cm


Tonwerk Log Boxes  


The practical wood box is an ideal alternative if you prefer a 
more discreet style of storage. Separate compartments    provide space for logs and tools and the unit as a whole doubles as a decorative seat topped with a cover in a wood veneer or 
coloured felt finish.


    Wood box: H 48 cm  W 40 cm  D 40 cm 

Beside the range of wood storage units and boxes there are other must-have Tonwerk   accessories:


The new T-EYE comes complete with integral turntable function, but all the other Tonwerk stoves can also be equipped with a similar device – so now you can enjoy gazing into the flames from wherever you are in the room.

External air connection

An external air connection to supply air from outside can increase your stove’s efficiency.

T-LOFT heat exchanger

The circulating water of the heat exchanger can absorb and distribute up to 50% of the energy generated by the stove throughout the whole house via a central heating system.


Fittings and control panel for T-LOFT PLUS with hot water absorber.

Ash cleaner

The practical ash cleaner, which connects to any vacuum cleaner, guarantees a clean, dust-free emptying of the ash.

Ash shovel

A handy and perfectly fitting ash shovel is available for the T-LOFT as well as for the TOPOLINO.

Glass plate

The glass plate protects your floor.
Dimensions: 1000 mm x 700 mm x 8 mm

Drawer for wood storage unit

You need more storage space? In the additional drawer for your wood storage unit all the bits and pieces you need to light your stove can be stowed away.

T-BAKE baking unit for T-ONE STONE

With this baking unit the T-ONE STONE transforms your home into a cosy bakery.

Tonwerk Pizza Set  
Pizza Set

The original Tonwerk refractory pizza brick converts your stove into a brick oven in next to no time. Designed on pizza oven principles this pizza brick is a guarantee of excellent results. Whether freshly made or convenience your pizza will gain that typically delicious touch that only this pizza brick can give. The brick is also suitable for making other pastries and baking bread. You’ll be thrilled!

The original pizza brick fits in all commercially available electric and gas ovens and can be used immediately.


Log Box Large Image 180Kb

Log Stand Metal Large Image 370Kb 

Log Stand Glass Large Image 320Kb

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