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 Welcome to Smartheat 

Our mission is to “increase comfort and reduce heating bills” We provide sustainable heating solutions and offer professional and practical advice on the reduction of energy consumption and associated costs in the home. Our solutions focus on a combination of energy efficiency measures and the installation of renewable and sustainable energy products.

Smartheat is  a privately owned stove company situated in Edgeworthstown County Longford. Displaying a fine range of wood pellet, multi-fuel, and wood burning stoves. We deliver throughout Ireland and supply stoves from Tonwerk, Ravelli, Jetmaster and Arada.

Smartheat: supplying Ravelli pellet stoves to Irish homes since 2005
Our expert team will advise on which heating appliance is suitable for your project, and provide installation, full maintenace and backup services to ensure that optimal performance is ongoing.

Natural Convection Pellet Stoves

Efficiency and silence - The perfect stove

Natural convection is the oldest method of heating known to man, and has been in use since Roman times. Ravelli natural convection pellet stoves are modern interpretations of this ancient and natural method of heating. Natural convection is caused by temperature difference, creating air movement, giving a more uniform temperature throughout your home.

Smartheat space heating Natural convection Pellet Stoves 

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Heat Several Rooms with one Stove

Ravelli Flow wood pellet stoves are connected to ducting pipes that bring the heated air into adjacent rooms, to circulate the warmth more widely. You can control how much of the heat is released to other rooms. Share the warmth of a stylish Flow stove for even more comfort in your home.

Smartheat range of ducted wood pellet stoves

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Stoves for all your hot water needs

Ravelli pellet stove boilers combine the pleasure of a fire with an efficient central heating boiler. This can be integrated into your existing central heating and hot water system, saving you money and disruption. Have it both ways – a living flame as a focal point, and efficient heating for the home.

Smartheat carry a the full range of Ravelli pellet stoves

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For existing fireplace openings

The Ravelli Box range of insert pellet stoves is designed for you to experience the style of an ultra modern fireplace, with superb energy efficiency. You’ll be mesmerised by the flames behind the wide glass door and with minimum heat loss, it’s a fireplace with function as well as good looks.

Smartheat carry the full range of Ravelli Insert Pellet stoves

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Improve Air Quality, Eliminate Condensation

Does your home suffer any of the following?... Condensation | Dampness | Musty Smells | Steamy Windows | Poor Indoor Air Quality...You need the Clean Air Solution from Nuaire: The Drimaster is a low cost 'whole house' ventilation solution.

How it Works

Air drawn through the loft by Drimaster is tempered by the heat that exists in all attics. This heat comes from solar gain combined with the heat that is conducted through the ceiling of the home. As the air passes through the diffuser it re-circulates the lost heat that gathers at ceiling level, thus providing a three way heat recovery. Old contaminated vapour laden air in the home is continuously diluted and displaced through the leakage points that are found in all houses. This is replaced with refreshed, filtered, tempered air creating an environment in which condensation dampness cannot exist.

Improve Air Quality, Eliminate Condensation

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